Rascals Ginger Porter

Rascals Ginger Porter from McHugh’s at €2.59 per can. ABV 4.8%.

A little bit of information on the Rascals.

Rascals Brewing Company is an award winning Irish craft brewery located in Dublin, Ireland. The brewery was founded in 2014 by, Emma and Cathal. Their story began while living in New Zealand where they both discovered their love and healthy obsession for craft beer! On moving home they chucked in the 9 to 5s and made the bold decision to start their own microbrewery.

The Rascals name represents the pair behind the brewery, the bright and bold branding and most importantly, the styles of craft beer they like to brew; BOLD IRISH BEER.

As soon as I opened the can I got the strong ginger scent that flooded my nostrils with an instant calming factor, that everything’s going to A-OK. A bit like getting a bear hug from your granny but then again I don’t remember my grandmother smelling of ginger.

As I pour it into a glass I can get all of the other aromas. The sweetness of the delicious chocolate fragrance and that ginger zest are a delight to the scenes. It’s a dark beer caped of by a lovely thick creamy head. This beverage has won its first reward back when it was in its infancy as a homebrew and as a commercial beer it won a gold and bronze at the Alltech Cup. It’s a beautiful porter that would go well with a Sunday Roast and with the dark evenings lurking around the next bend what way to spend your evening than with a glass of Rascals Ginger Porter. That’s my honest to goodness review!


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