Ultimate Treehouse 

Two storey treehouse
Flashes of Light Photography

At HUNYO I don’t have a reward for the best dad, yet but if I did have one in my hand I would definitely hand it over to Adam Boyd from Highland, Michigan, USA. Adam built a treehouse and I use the term “treehouse” lightly because you wouldn’t fit that in a tree but what it actually is it’s a playhouse and again I use the term “playhouse” lightly because that doesn’t look anything like any playhouse I remember seeing when I was younger. Back when I was a kid there was a tree that was out my backgarden well it wasn’t actually in my garden it was in Harrison’s just next door. But it was so big that it rested on top of our shed. We’d climb the wall and get on to the roof of the shed where we’d then get into the tree. It was fun and ignited our imagination.

The playhouse is 24 feet tall and would put any apartment in Dublin City to shame. I suppose when his daughters are grown up he could rent it out! The workmanship and the detail is quite remarkable. I wonder what the neighbours would say.

Ultimate tree house
Flashes of Light Photography

They say the family spend everyday in it, I’m surprised that they haven’t moved in especially when it’s probably better furnished than your house.

Inside the two storey treehouse
Flashes of Light Photography

Daughters, Avery and Violet I’m sure are the cool kids in crèche when all they’ve got would probably be a square box with bricks as furniture and maybe a broken tea set filled with dirty water.

Inside the two storey treehouse
Flashes of Light Photography

Boyd, who is president of ATB Building Inc, uploaded a selection of photos of the house onto Facebook, where it quickly attracted a lot of attention. Currently, the post has been shared almost 50,000 times.

Rear view of treehouse
Flashes of Light Photography

With a slide to the rear of the building I can only imagine the brownie points that this dad won. What would they say to their daughters when they are disciplining them, go to your room or to your house?!

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