Buzz is the Word

My daughter and friends attended their first disco last month. I admit, I was a bit weary about letting her go so I got in touch with the disco organisers and they put my mind at ease on a number of issues.

Hi Michael, thank you for your message. We have been running this disco successfully since 2009, and we have very good male and female supervision, and we run a tight ship. We do question all the kids as they enter, and we get them to apply for membership by filling in their name, school, mobile & a parent’s contact details. We look forward to welcoming your daughter & her friends to the disco tonight.

The disco is called Buzz and is in the Clontarf Rugby Club so it’s not even close to any main roads where pubs and such would be located. It’s strictly for 6th classes only and no boy with a whisper of a tash would ever get in. All children were dropped off and again all were collected, none were allowed to walk home and there were no rowdy teenagers about either, which was also a good thing! If any parents have any sort of anxiety about letting their child go, and I can understand why you might, but in all honesty there is no need for it whatsoever. It’s just a harmless disco for them to enjoy and boy did they. As they said when they replied to me, they do run a real tight ship, which is comforting to know and to see.
It runs from 8pm to half 10 on a weekend every month and I have not a bad thing to say about it at all. If your child wants to go to the next one, rather than doing a Google search ring them up to voice your concerns and I’m sure they’ll only be too happy to put that mind of yours at ease.

The next disco is this Friday the 13th.

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