Guinness Storehouse 

I recently took a trip to the Guinness Storehouse in St. Jame’s Gate with a group of friends. The Storehouse is quite a building fashioned in the form of a large pint glass, the largest in the world, they’ll have you informed just don’t tell the boys in Dubai! The Storehouse spans an area of 60 acres and while you are walking down the cobblestones and over the old rail tracks you can get a glimpse of life back then. And seeing those huge double black gates gives you a sense of awe.

After you pay for the pricy tickets that are €25 (for that price I was expecting a guided tour) you go the first floor. You can also order your tickets online, which start from €17.50 a bit cheaper than the full amount you pay at the door but it’s still very dear in my opinion. 

So on the first floor is where all the shops are that are bursting with merchandise and memorabilia. On this level you get to see the famous lease that Arthur himself took out. It’s in a glass dome in the ground. You learn all about the ingredients and their famous strain of yeast providing you are bothered to listen to the videos. In my case I just casually walked through. If they had a tour guide it would be much more immersive and I’d get more out of it. But it’s all self guided. 

Guinness storehouse
After this we went to the cafe for a bite to eat, which again was quite expensive but I suppose the prices are no different from the cafe in Debenhams or Bewleys. So all in all, it’s a good experience with family or friends but way too rich for my euros. This is what they mean by a “tourist trap”. 


The Guinness Storehouse® is open 7 days a week 9:30am – 7pm (last admission is at 5pm)

Late opening during July and August

9am – 8pm (last admission is at 6pm)

Open all year apart from Good Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & St Stephens Day.

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