Guinness Milk Stout 

Not that it’s needed but here’s a brief background on the Guinness brewery. Taken from

From where it all began—with one man and £100—to where we are now, we’ve been honing our craft since 1759. With over 20 world-class beers in production, and a wealth of exciting new brews being dreamed up daily by our ever-enterprising brewers, it’s no surprise that the Guinness name is known and loved in 150 countries. But, no matter where it is brewed or served, you can be sure your Guinness is still inspired by the pioneering batches of our legendary stout, crafted at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, over 200 years ago.

As you pour this into a glass you instantly get the scents of chocolate and coffee. The head is a much darker colour compared to the traditional Guinness Stout with big bubbles. The drink itself is darker than a corrupt politician’s soul. But, unlike the original stout, the head on the milk isn’t as thick nor as creamy and this is purely from an aesthetic point of view and has no impact on the taste of the product but the head on the milk is gone after a minute. For me, personally, I like the head to last for as long as possible.

From the first sip or gulp depending on your drinking style you can really get the taste of the chocolate and coffee and it lingers on your palette for some time, even after you have drunk it all. The roasted malt offset by a cream-like sweetness is quite pleasing to the senses. I love this stout and I prefer it to the original as I didn’t find it to be as bitter. It’s very smooth and silky an all round beautifully designed drink by the boys at Guinness. 

I got mine from Dunnes at €2.99 (500ml bottle)

ABV: 5%

Guinness milk stout

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