Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Now, I’ve always had an issue with nose hair. I remember being only 22 and having the unique ability to grow thick bushes from my nostrils. I don’t mean a few hairs, I mean proper grown-ass-man nose hair. One time, my nose trimmer broke and the local chemist didn’t have any in stock. So the hair was let grow. And not being that long disabled at the time, going shopping by myself was a bit of an ordeal. I remember being in college constantly tucking the hair up so it wouldn’t be too noticeable. So when I did at last get the trimmer, my nostrils would remain hairless for up to a month.

Squidward plucking his nose hair

But nowadays that’s not the case, I only went at them last week and already they need to be done again. It’s a nightmare!

So what I use is the Remington Nano Series Nose Ear Trimmer at €29.99

Product Overview:

Active BladeClean system with wash out port for easy maintenance

– Anti-Microbial silver housing* for hygienic trimming

– Dual sided vertical trimmer

– Rotary trimmer head

– Comfort tip blades for safe & easy use

– Vertical guide combs for eyebrow trimming

– Showerproof

– Battery included

Remington Nano Series Nose and Ear Trimmer

There are cheaper ones on the market like this at €9.95. But I hate the head, for me, it just doesn’t give a decent enough trim. This type was one of my first and I found that it wasn’t good enough for the more thicker growth!

Remington Nose Trimmer

I don’t think I’d be too inclined to go towards waxing, because let’s face it, the hair is there for a reason!

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