How To Please Your Woman Emotionally

Advice By Amy Horgan – Relationship Expert

Communicate with me

Women need to know that our significant other listens to us above everything else. If we are talking, don’t fob us off. Put down the phone, iPad and listen to us. And by listen, we mean taking your eyes off the TV, and give us your attention in full, eye contact is crucial. Otherwise, we get annoyed, which leads to raised voices.

Couple communicating

Affectionate Gestures

Gestures like hugs for no reason, little kisses throughout the day, are things we enjoy. For example, if I’m in the kitchen doing something, my husband would say, “Time for an embrace!” And we have a little cuddle right there. It doesn’t have to include any passionate kissing, as the flirtatious affection is more than welcomed. Then we chat about our day. You guys have to care for us as much as we care for you and you can’t be afraid/embarrassed to show it, because by making these gestures a regular occurrence is the way to sustain a healthy relationship. Letting us know how much you desire us, inflames our desire for you!

Be Honest

Honesty and openness create a foundation of trust in your relationship. Don’t lie, even in small things, such as whether you liked the food we cooked or what we’re wearing. Be honest about your feelings and thoughts. If we ask, where you’re going or who you’re going with, answer honestly. I only ask my husband because I’m interested and not because I’m being a nosy b***h. If we can’t trust each other, the relationship will start to slip. And usually we already know when you’re lying!

Respect Us

In order for any relationship to work, respect is key. We have to understand what we’re feeling. Can I tell you guys a secret? We women are far more satisfied when our significant other acknowledges and understands if we are unhappy or p***ed off. You’ve got to respond if we are unusually quiet and don’t be afraid in case we’re going to go off on one! Ask us to explain what’s going on by saying, “I know you’re upset. Tell me why.”

I know that the above advice maybe be brief and somewhat obvious, but you’d be surprised how many relationships can be fixed by just following what I’ve written. Respect, communicate and love.

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