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Pigeon House T-Shirt – €29

Available in sizes S M L XL 2XL

I recently purchased this t-shirt and I have to say, it’s a great buy. It a perfect fit and I love how the collar isn’t loose around the neck. It feels comfortable and you can tell from the quality in the cloth, it’s not going to fall apart after the first wash. This will last. The simplicity of the design of the Poolbeg towers only adds to the appeal. Against the navy colour, really sets it off. The t-shirt is also available for women too. The perfect gift for your pops this Father’s Day!

Support Irish businesses throughout Covid19 and buy local!

The Pigeon House T-Shirt ​
The Pigeon House T-Shirt

Details and Fit

  • Regular fit
  • 60% pre-consumer organic cotton, 40% post-consumer recycled polyester, making it a 100% recycled materials, one of our most eco-friendly tees.
  • Love the environment and your garment: Wash at 30° and air dry only
  • Colours available: Heather Navy

A little bit about Due South

Paul had been drawing designs for years, creating t-shirts and sweaters for friends and family on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. 

People loved the images created and he really enjoyed seeing the designs ‘coming to life’ on the clothing in a way we couldn‘t see it happen on paper. For us, it is like the designs awaken on garments and are able to tell us a story while bringing memories alive.  

In 2016, with great support from family and friends Due South was born. 

The vision we have is to create simple minimalist but beautiful designs, reflecting the version of life in Ireland that we love and believe in. 

From our rugged coastlines with world-class surf, the richness of our nature with its green hills and Celtic heritage to our cities steeped in history. 

Paul is proud to be Irish and Mel (originally Italian) is practically Irish – living on the green Island for over 14 years. It is our mission to put forward a vision of Ireland we can be proud of, and which captures the heart and soul of the land and its people. 

Photo of Mel and Paul
Mel and Paul

Please visit Due South to view their complete range.

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