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While looking at a Netflix show about people downsizing to a tiny home, wanting to see if there was any companies in Ireland doing something similar. After a quick search, this fantastic business based in Nenagh popped up. The homes they build are absolutely beautiful. With a sort of a Scandinavian feel about them, they look great against a forest backdrop, perhaps over looking a lake.

You know, a magnificent house doesn’t need to be extravagant with x amount of bedrooms, an en-suites in every room with his and hers garages, like this one in Malahide.

With working remotely becoming more common now, living in a house like this somewhere in rural Ireland and still being able to put in a days work is completely achievable. Although maybe it’s best to wait until high-speed broadband is available in these locations first!

Got a large enough garden? Why not invest in a Tiny Home for your son or daughter wishing to gain that extra independence.

Tiny house exterior
Tiny Homes, exterior

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in a Tiny Home:

Tiny Homes are a viable option for individuals looking to start their own home. They are also suitable as an energy efficient granny flat. An added advantage being the Tiny Home can be retained for further use; transported to another site or even sold on.

It may be suitable for individuals from many different backgrounds –

  • Independent Living – permanent, functional, comfortable accommodation that is built to last a lifetime.
  • Holiday Homes – perfect for small plots as a complete, compact, cosy getaway or even a small village of Tiny Homes could be developed.
  • Caravan Parks – as an alternative to mobile homes
  • B&Bs / Guesthouse – create additional accommodation which is cosy, fun and unique.
  • Student accommodation – why not supplement your income with a Tiny Home in your garden that can be let to students.

Or you may simply need some extra living space – without the hassle and expense of building an extension.

But whatever your reason you will not be disappointed with the quality, comfort and excellent craftmanship that a Tiny Home provides.

A typical tiny home is 180 ft² (16 m²), however they can be built to clients requirements. They are built using locally sourced materials, where possible. Running costs are minimal, the homes are insulated to passive house standards and require very little heating and have low voltage led lighting. All doors and windows are double glazed, with low-e glass for minimum heat loss. They are extremely comfortable both in winter and summer.

Why not get in touch with them and get some more information?

Please note: Planning permission is required.

Kilbarron, Coolbawn, Nenagh, Tipperary

083 8116 025 design@tinyhomes.ie www.tinyhomes.ie

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