Moskato Wine from Vivino

How would you like a pint of wine? Essentially that’s what this craft beer is. Okay, it might not be as strong as traditional wine as it’s just 5.5% but wine it is nonetheless. It’s just as sweet and looks the same too. 

It comes in a dark brown bottle and it’s marketed at the young craft loving people. And admittedly, I feel into this trap myself, I picked up the bottle and I was drawn in by the quirky label and the tag line: No monkey business. And I thought, I’ll give this a try. But as soon as I poured it into a glass, then it dawned on me. But I still drank it, (no point in wasting it!) as sweet as it was. But it’s not really for me, Lynx Africa smells better! Maybe if I had of drunk it on a hot summers day while having a BBQ it might have been better? I don’t know, but then again I’m not much of wine drinker in general.